Mạn Đàm 4: Diary for a day!

It has been a long time since I write my diary in English. There are a lot of things to think and to tell about, but it is very complicated to say it in Vietnamese.

A day in New Jersey….

It has been two years since I have come to this country. Every day is the same: wake up, go to work, go home, sleep and wake up… I don’t have any place to go except school, home and store. However, I don’t feel bored at all. For me, earning money is one of my likes. Well, I need money to pay for my school fees, my future car, my living expenses…

Today is a horrible day…

I had never felt this kind of feeling: want to pick a fight with some one, want to yell at everybody, want to kill anyone who messes up with me… until today. As soon as I reached the store, people started to come to me, and complained a lot of things about the store, about the boss. What can I do? Even though I’m the boss’s cousin but I’m still young and my power is limited. She would never listen to whatever I say, no matter right or wrong. So, what is the point of telling me? What is the point of complaining her with me? It’s not like that I can change everything? It’s not like that I can change the way she does her business. Once again, I want people to remember that I’m still young and inexperience. Don’t force me, or ask me to do everything include convincing some one. I can’t handle that.

I’m just 18 years old…

Sometimes I ask myself whether I have a right do be happy? I’m so stressful. Why do humans think that they are always right and never wrong? I just don’t want to make a small problem becomes a big big deal. That’s why I never argue or talk back when people are angry. But, don’t take an advantage of that. Don’t insult me. I have my pride. Never ever say that I take your money to put into my pocket. I don’t care whether you really mean it or not. For me, It hurt my pride and myself. I’m not that cheap. I’m not the kind of person who throws his honor because of some bucks. It’s not worth it! Everyday, I’m besieged by those kind of people, soon or later, I’m gonna be crazy…

To someone…

Don’t get jealous with me. Why whatever you do is right, and whatever I do is wrong even though that is what you did before? Why don’t you take a look at yourself in mirror before judging at people. Do you have a right to say whatever you want to people, and don’t care if you hurt their feelings? Humans are all equal. Don’t act that you are a  God or something. That makes me want to throw up  for your fakes.

Free myself….


5 thoughts on “Mạn Đàm 4: Diary for a day!

    • @bồ công anh: thanks nàng nhiều nghen:”> Hóa ra nàng cũng có sở thích giống ta àh, các anh giai iu dấu toàn U40 không thôi…. Ta thì nguyện chỉ tôn thờ Yoshiki và ToshI. Giờ ta mới biết khi yêu trong mắt xấu cũng thành đẹp. Nói thẳng ra ToshI của ta vừa già, vừa lùn, mà vừa xấu….đau lòng quá…. thế nhưng trong mắt ta thì không ai cool hoặc đẹp bằng anh cả, Yoshiki là vô đối….
      Àh, mà tình yêu Taku của nàng ta đoán phải anh đầu tiên xuất hiện ko nhỉ? Ta đoán thể bởi vì kiểu tóc giống giống với cái ảnh mà nàng gửi cho ta xem. Cơ mà sao U40 mà giọng các anh vẫn thanh, và trong thế nhỉ, ta nghĩ phải khàn khàn đi một chút… Nghe giọng ta đoán chỉ có 20 mấy thôi…
      X thì nàng nghe những bài nào rồi? X có nhiều ballad lắm nha. X là band đầu tiên ta thích tất cả các bài chứ ta thường thì chỉ chọn nhạc mà nghe không thôi.
      Thanks nàng về bài hát, ta ko hiểu nghĩa =”= nhưng giai điệu nghe dễ thương lắm đó….

  1. honey. Don’t let that stupid, dummy guy gets in your way. Just kick him out and be happy! That stupid guy is not worth you anger, either. There are bunches of things which make you happy. Why would you think of him and get angry? Don’t let people ruin your happiness.
    Hope you’ll be better. 🙂

    By the way, just let you know that I’ll stay at the new place since tonight. The new apartment doesn’t have the Internet yet, so I won’t be able to get online. TT^TT anyway, I’ll call you later, ‘k? Hopefully I can use the Internet when I’m in Maine…

    • yeah, i know dar…But we work in the same store, stay at the same home. I meet him 14hr/day, and everytime, he just finds me to complain whatever he doesn’t like. I can’t stand with that. Soon or later, I will be crazy. Moreover, the store is my cousin’s store. Right now, she isn’t here so I need to help her to manage the store. And, those workers, they take advantage of me. I’m really tired… I try my best but….
      I want to kill some one….

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